A new record, the Gilmore Girls, and an old RV.

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Sometime near the end of June 2014 on one of those Canadian evenings with a sunset that stretches almost to midnight, I found myself in the driveway of an acreage on a lake tucked away in the mountains north of Mission, BC. I was handing a wad of cash to a stranger for a vehicle that was made in 1979. A time capsule of sorts that would shape the next chapter of my creative life: a Canadian-made “Chipewah” RV just barely younger than I was, in mint condition. It came complete with every “shop” receipt it ever garnered, dice hanging from the mirror and a picture of Princess Diana on the wall. A little piece of heaven that’s the stuff of hipster dreams and smelled like my childhood summers. It was a vehicle that for so many years and...

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Keeping Up With The Jones 2.0 (how to not covet Chris Tomlin’s success)

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June 4, 2013.   Release day. It’s 3am and I’m awake… It’s not nerves, it’s not stress, it’s a 4-year-old with an ear ache that ended up crowding me out of my own bed. So here I sit, having checked itunes 3 times in 30 minutes for any kind of indication that people are buying the new music, paying attention, in short: LIKING ME.  And not just liking me, but liking me more than Chris Tomlin, or David Crowder, or Hillsong United. If I could have permission to be completely honest? I wonder how much of what I do and create is actually more inspired by my need to be loved, and my not-so-subtle competitions, than by the desire to please and honour the one who I’m actually singing about? Success in a Christian music career is just so terrifyingly measurable....

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