TREES – Chapter 2 – Album Credits

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  Executive Producer: Tim Neufeld Produced by Allen Salmon & Tim Neufeld Mixed by Allen Salmon Mastered by Joe Lambert Artwork by Josh Mitchinson     Musicians: (alphabetical) John Denosky – additional editing Chris Donohue – upright bass Barry Green – trombone Paul Kimsal – production assistant Tim Lauer – organ and piano Steve Patrick – trumpet Danny Radar – banjo and acoustic guitar Allen Salmon – acoustic guitar, electric guitar, electric bass, additional keys, programming, background vocals Amanda Salmon – background vocals Gabe Scott – hammer dulcimer Colin Trask – drums and dobro Mark Zellmer – organ and piano recording engineer Group vocalists – Aaron Ahlstrom, Calie Goins, Krissy Kimsal, Paul Kimsal, Tim Neufeld, Allen Salmon, Amanda Salmon, Jillian Savacool, Sean Savacool, Colin Trask, Josh Williams Recorded at Rival Giants studio in Nashville, TN, organ and piano recorded...

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THE JOY – album credits

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Executive Producer – Tim Neufeld Produced and mixed by Allen Salmon Mastered by Joe Lambert In alphabetical order: Josh Britt – mandolin Jon Catchings – cello Eleonore Denig – violin John DeNoskey – editing Chris Donohue – upright bass Dan Dugmore – pedal steel guitar Paul Kimsal – production assitant and editing Tim Neufeld – Lead vocals, acoustic guitar Ben Phillips – drums Allen Salmon – bass guitar, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, perc, background vocals, organ Amanda Salmon – background vocals Gabe Scott – hammered dulcimer Jeff Taylor – accordion, piano Ilya Toshinskiy – banjo, acoustic guitar on “We Are Loved”, “I Will Bless You Lord” Colin Trask – dobro, lap steel, back ground vocals, banjo on “Nothing But The Blood”, drums on “Nothing But The Blood” and “Our Church” Jon Bryant – banjo on “Our Church”, background vocals...

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A new record, the Gilmore Girls, and an old RV.

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Sometime near the end of June 2014 on one of those Canadian evenings with a sunset that stretches almost to midnight, I found myself in the driveway of an acreage on a lake tucked away in the mountains north of Mission, BC. I was handing a wad of cash to a stranger for a vehicle that was made in 1979. A time capsule of sorts that would shape the next chapter of my creative life: a Canadian-made “Chipewah” RV just barely younger than I was, in mint condition. It came complete with every “shop” receipt it ever garnered, dice hanging from the mirror and a picture of Princess Diana on the wall. A little piece of heaven that’s the stuff of hipster dreams and smelled like my childhood summers. It was a vehicle that for so many years and...

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Keeping Up With The Jones 2.0 (how to not covet Chris Tomlin’s success)

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June 4, 2013.   Release day. It’s 3am and I’m awake… It’s not nerves, it’s not stress, it’s a 4-year-old with an ear ache that ended up crowding me out of my own bed. So here I sit, having checked itunes 3 times in 30 minutes for any kind of indication that people are buying the new music, paying attention, in short: LIKING ME.  And not just liking me, but liking me more than Chris Tomlin, or David Crowder, or Hillsong United. If I could have permission to be completely honest? I wonder how much of what I do and create is actually more inspired by my need to be loved, and my not-so-subtle competitions, than by the desire to please and honour the one who I’m actually singing about? Success in a Christian music career is just so terrifyingly measurable....

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Brand New Album “TREES” Coming This June

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Trees have always fascinated me. My whole life I’ve stared up at them in wonder. As a child I was a literal tree-hugger, it was my thing, there are pictures in Neufeld family albums to prove it. As an adult I’m still in awe, but beyond the outward beauty I’m now so much more taken with the way that God uses the trees to speak to my heart. There have been so many lessons for me over the years in the quiet groves and the towering canopies. So many revealed truths of longevity and steadfastness. From Eden to the cross and throughout history there’s something so constant and foundational about trees. They are, in a physical sense, what this collection of songs has been for me in a spiritual sense. My spiritual trees, the theological and emotional pillars of...

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