A new record, the Gilmore Girls, and an old RV.

A new record, the Gilmore Girls, and an old RV.

Sometime near the end of June 2014 on one of those Canadian evenings with a sunset that stretches almost to midnight, I found myself in the driveway of an acreage on a lake tucked away in the mountains north of Mission, BC. I was handing a wad of cash to a stranger for a vehicle that was made in 1979. A time capsule of sorts that would shape the next chapter of my creative life: a Canadian-made “Chipewah” RV just barely younger than I was, in mint condition. It came complete with every “shop” receipt it ever garnered, dice hanging from the mirror and a picture of Princess Diana on the wall. A little piece of heaven that’s the stuff of hipster dreams and smelled like my childhood summers.

It was a vehicle that for so many years and for many different families and generations embodied joy. It was a joy mobile if you will, a joyride, made for the sole purpose of escaping the doldrums of ordinary life. A perfect metaphor for ‘actual joy’ that I couldn’t not have. I’m not a car guy, but I had to own this RV.

So I bought it, and took it home and it became the unlikely inspiration for my new album with the Glory Boys called “THE JOY” a worship record void of seriousness and angst. A project full of happy little ditties that explore some of the simple, wonderful things about knowing Jesus and the chance to play a part in His Kingdom.

My hope is that the songs might provide an escape for those feeling stuck under all types of spiritual baggage. For those who’ve not felt the ‘easy’ in the yolk, or the ‘light’ in the burden for a long time.  

When did this thing become so serious anyway? From what I can gather, at the end of the day Jesus was all about the celebrations, the laughter, the feasts, and the hanging with friends. He modeled a chill, relaxed kind of love that was always more about the ‘potluck’ than it was the church service. If He were to show up today and started telling parables about the Kingdom of God they might go something like this:

“The Kingdom of God is like old friends getting sushi and having a ‘Gilmore Girls’ marathon.” It’s the stuff of natural and comfortable hangs. It’s simple, refreshing and everything in between.


“The Kingdom of God is like a Broadway show… at any moment the entire cast might just break into song!


“The Kingdom of God is like an old RV. Made for the Joyride and best experienced on the open road.” (this one’s conveniently self serving, haha)

You get the idea, Christianity is sick with a bit of an identity crisis. It’s being sold as something oppressive and condemning when in reality it’s anything but!

This ride is ALL about the joy. In ALL circumstances, ALL around the world. It’s been this way since the beginning, and it will continue to be this way for the next two thousand years.

My prayer is that maybe, for someone, these songs will help peel a corner back on what they’ve been missing? Maybe the music can inspire a change of heart, an ‘opening up’, or even just a momentary break in the clouds of hopelessness and despair.

see you sometime in your backyard! you provide the sushi, I’ll provide the netflix password 🙂



  1. Aaron in NS. Well what comes to my mind with you getting you hipster old RV reminds me that how God that is so holy and perfect would even care for old messed stuff like us. It’s something I just wrestle with so often.. but God isn’t looking perfection he is looking for us. Yeah I think you’re celebration thing is a good analogy. Sometimes I think when we go to churches we do the same stuff to often.. come in shake hands, worship, hear the message and go home. I just been thinking so much how Jesus was a pretty near a hipster hanging out with hipsters. But we can see how this tiny old RV can be used for good even if its worn out. I feel alot that the more worn out I am I’m useless to God. From God’s view it’s the other way around. Just maybe a little bit of JOY in our lives can just make us say “forget our past sins and lets go make a difference for God” I can say your music condemns reminding me showing what’s wrong in my life and that’s a good thing I consider. So thanks for the album and I’ll be keeping you boys in prayer.

  2. I am so excited for this album! The first single is great and so catchy. You never cease to amaze me! Your talent and words are a God-given gift.

    PS: If you ever want a tour of the place that RV was made, my dad works for Triple E in Winkler, MB and has for almost 30 years!

    PSS: Let’s got for sushi in Winnipeg!!

  3. Wow! Thank you for the reminder!
    I’ve been so caught up in this fight, that I am truly missing the greatest joy I have ever known. My relationship with Christ! I have been my own worst enemy.
    I may not have a cool RV with an extensive past, but I’m currently living in one that one day will be part of a distant memory. Funny how life plays out sometimes.
    We can be so high up in life one day, and brought to our knees the next.
    Jesus has a sense of humor, I have forgotten that. It’s time to bring JOY back in my life! I really, really needed to hear this.
    As for Sushi, count me out, but Tally would love that!….I’m up for a good ol’ cookout!
    Blessings to you & your family.

  4. I can’t wait for the album to release. It’ll be a wonderful thing to hear songs of true joy and celebration rather than the heaviness so many Christians seem to be stuck in these days. There are times in a Christian’s life that are heavy, of course, but once we are free in Christ, what happened to turning that sorrow into joy? No matter what the pains of this earth bring upon us, we should have joy in our souls. Living life joyful because of, and through, the truth of Christ is my way of being a light to others while genuinely enjoying this life God has given me.

    Thanks for the thoughts, Tim!

  5. Hey Tim…

    Been looking forward to this album ever since seeing the promo stuff on FB. With great anticipation I headed to my local Christian Book store to purchase it, but to my great disappointment it wasn’t available there! Alas, I gave in to itunes and downloaded it! What a fantastic piece of work, and a reminder of the importance of focusing on joy instead of fear and sadness. Thank you so much for allowing God to move through you to write these songs! The whole album is incredible but I especially love ‘Our Church’. Hoping to see you come through Abbotsford on this tour! If you’re looking for a small intimate venue to play these songs in Abbotsford, get in touch with me! Blessings to you and the Glory Boys as you play and sing these songs with people all over BC, Canada, and beyond!

  6. Loving the new album! Definitely going to be on my ipod for tough days at work! Love it!

  7. Just saw you last night in Montreal! I had downloaded the album earlier this week and I went to your show with 2 of my fellow choir members. We had a ball. I was telling my friends that you’re like Mumford & Sons meets Rend Collective with a splash of Dixie Chicks. I especially love Our Church and was excited when the Glory Boys told me the chord chart was available on your website. I had to show them my guitar playing callouses to get my picture taken with them. LOL!!! Love love love this album and can’t wait to play Our Church for our congregation of St Patrick’s of the Island on Ile Perrot.

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